Things I've Won!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Misikko Wishlist is giving away a Dream Gift Package with $350 worth of products from their site to three lucky winners!!! How cool is that?
To enter, just read below!

This is MY Wishlist from Misikko:
Why do I want this? I would like to win this because, quite frankly, I do no own a flat iron. I know, I know, that's terrible. I used to have one a while ago, but my puppy chewed up the chord. It was my fault and I shouldn't have left it out. I have been putting off buying one, mainly because good ones are usually worth a fortune.
Why do I want this? I have kinky, chemically damaged hair, my hair is so damaged and frizzy, I swear it could be in a Tim Burton Movie (it seems as though he loves crazy hair, just looks at Helena Bonham Carter in all his movies). It is so terrible it breaks if I pull a little bit. I have read tons of things about this product and I would really love to try it. Seems like it works miracles for people with hair like mine!

Why do I want this? Wouldn't this be perfect to use with the flat iron picture above? I mean to protect from further damage? I think so!
Why do I want this? I want this because it seems like it would be a temporary fix to my crazy hair. I have always wanted to try this types of treatments buy they are usually pricey for my budget. This one looks like it would leave my hair all soft and pretty, which would totally be a miracle! And this means a break from the heating tools, right?